Our Staff

RatliffMichael Ratliff Associate General Secretary
Telephone: 615-340-7079
Toll Free Number: 1-877-899-2780, ext. 7079
E-mail: mratliff@umcdiscipleship.org
Michael Ratliff leads YPM staff working with all levels of church leadership and the Division on Ministries with Young People members to facilitate all aspects of our work globally.




Chris Wilterdink Director of Young People's Ministries Program Development - US 
Telephone: 303-260-8221
E-mail: cwilterdink@umcdiscipleship.org 
Chris Wilterdink leads the programming work of Young People’s Ministries, primarily in the United States.




Mighty Rasing Director, Young People’s Ministries Program Development - Central Conferences
Telephone: +63-917-816-3127
E-mail: mrasing@umcdiscipleship.org
Mighty Rasing leads the programming work of Young People’s Ministries, primarily in the Central Conferences.




Lee Ann  RiceLee Ann Rice Assistant to Associate General Secretary 
Telephone: 615-340-1723
Toll Free Number: 1-877-899-2780, ext. 1723
E-mail: lrice@umcdiscipleship.org
Lee Ann Rice leads the administrative work of Young People's Ministries.




Kelsey TinkerKelsey Tinker Hannum Grants Administrator 
Telephone: 615-340-7184
Toll Free Number: 1-877-899-2780, ext 7184
E-mail: ktinker@umcdiscipleship.org
Kelsey Tinker administers our grant and scholarship programs and seeks possibilities for additional funding for our ministries.




Diane Coppock Team Assistant  
Telephone: 615-340-7074
Toll Free Number: 1-877-899-2780, ext. 7074
E-mail: dcoppock@umcdiscipleship.org
Diane Coppock enables the work of a number of our staff through administrative support for their work.




John Hodges-Batzka Program Assistant  
Telephone: 334-625-9746
E-mail: jhodges@umcdiscipleship.org
John Hodges-Batzka provides program and online support for various aspects of Young People’s Ministries.





Joel Richardson Associate Web Developer
Telephone: 615-340-7180
Toll Free Number: 1-877-899-2780, ext. 7180
E-mail: jrichardson@umcdiscipleship.org
Joel Richardson develops and maintains the overall web presence for Young People’s Ministries.





Rori Blakeney, Carl Gladstone, Abby Herrera, and Kelly Peterson provide support and resourcing for young people’s ministries in the jurisdictional regions of the United States.     


Rori Blakeney Southeastern Juridiction 
E-mail: rblakeney@umcdiscipleship.org





Carl Gladstone North Central Jurisdiction 
E-mail: cgladstone@umcdiscipleship.org





Kelly PetersonKelly Peterson West Jurisdiction 
E-mail: kpeterson@umcdiscipleship.org





Abigail Parker Herrera

Abigail Parker Herrera South Central Jurisdiction 
E-mail: aparker@umcdiscipleship.org





Armindo Mapoissa and Mighty Rasing provide leadership, support, and resourcing for young people’s ministries in Africa and Asia.


Armindo Mapoissa Africa Representative 
E-mail: amapoissa@umcdiscipleship.org





Dale Cancio Philippines Representative 
E-mail: dalecancio@gmail.com