Youth 2019

Young People's Ministries Podcasts

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This podcast features conversations with and for United Methodist young people acting out our Christian story.  This flagship show will connect listeners to all of Young People's Ministries' programs and networks.  Click here to suggest interview topics or guests.


The Youth Worker Collective

Round table discussions with practitioners of United Methodist youth ministries.  Click here for episode info.


The Conspiritor Collective

A podcast series featuring young artists connected with the United Methodist Church, and exploring how young people are reviving the church's mission in the world through grass-roots creative practices.  Click here to submit your music/art!


Other Recommended Podcasts

Check out these other podcasts and media from our young people's ministry friends  and partners.


Get Your Spirit in Shape 

Get Your Spirit in Shape is a free, 30-minute, monthly podcast from United Methodist Communications featuring conversations with leaders, authors, and others who offer spiritual nutrition and exercises for our everyday lives. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE


Reports from the Spiritual Frontier

Conversations with people who live and work on the spiritual margins of our culture.  Sponsored by Path1 of Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church.  LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE


UMC LEAD Podcast

UMC LEAD exists to be engaged in conversation around leadership, theology, worship, mission, and innovation within The United Methodist Church.  Our hope is that this site might be exactly that: a place of hope.  We want to share thoughts, stories, and have conversations around what God is doing and what God can do through the movement began centuries ago. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE


Youth Ministry Partners

We exist to listen, learn and lead. To help inspire and guide conversation. And to give youth workers the tools they need to help teens grow to love and follow Jesus Christ.  LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE