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Nashville, TN: Minister to Children and Their Families

Calvary United Methodist Church  Job Description (As of June 2020)

Job Title: Minister to Children and Their Families

Purpose: Under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Church Council, the Minister to Children and Their Families is to provide leadership, coordination, and supervision to the ministries with children from birth through 6th grade.

Supervised by: Senior Pastor

Supervises: Shared supervision of Age-level Ministries Administrative Assistant; Any Children's Ministry intern

Salary Classification: Employee of Annual Conference, annually appointed to Calvary; or employee of Calvary, at Calvary’s discretion

Work Schedule and Number of Hours: Full-time salaried position

Review Date: This position will be evaluated on an annual basis as directed by District Superintendent and/or the Senior Pastor



  1. Master’s degree or higher in theological education;
  2. Knowledge of basic principles of child development and learning, Christian education as practiced in the United Methodist Church and how to facilitate their use in specific learning settings; and
  3. Basic computer skills.


  1. Ordained deacon or elder;
  2. More advanced knowledge and experience with children's Christian education materials, methods, technologies, best practices, and innovations and how to facilitate their most effective implementation;
  3. Demonstrated ability to work with and organize volunteer leadership to develop and implement children's ministries; and
  4. Demonstrated ability to lead ministry while working cooperatively with staff and laity.

Job responsibilities:

A. Serve as resource person for all leaders in children's ministries in spiritual guidance, study, techniques of teaching, choice and delivery of curricula, and innovations in this ministry.  Work closely with Children's Council, age-level teachers and parents in planning, supervising, and implementing the ministry with children at Calvary.  This includes:

B. Stay abreast of developments and innovations in the field of children's Christian education, curricula, and approaches, sharing these as appropriate and pertinent with staff, assigned groups, and laity in general.

C. Attend and support assigned committees and groups, Church Council, staff meetings including:

E. Participate in District, Conference, and Jurisdictional committees and events related to children's ministries, required by ordination level, and/or supporting the work necessary to maintain and advance the United Methodist Church

F. Oversee expenditures related to children's ministries including purchase of curricula, equipment, and other resources.

G. Develop and implement a plan for personal Spiritual maintenance and growth.

H. As needed assist with hospital visitation, worship leadership, and preaching

I. Contribute to creating and maintaining a cooperative and caring work environment

J. Adhere to Calvary's personnel policies and procedures

K. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

We have reviewed this job description and believe it to be accurate.


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Calvary United Methodist church retains the discretion to add to or change the function, responsibilities, and/or minimum qualifications for this position at any time.  This is NOT a contractual agreement.