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McCurdy Ministries

362a S. McCurdy Road, Espanola, NM 87532

McCurdy Ministries is 103 year old United Methodist National Mission Institution in Espanola, NM. For 100 years McCurdy was a mission school but in 2012 McCurdy Charter School opened on the McCurdy campus which is a public K-12 school and McCurdy Ministries became a community center whose purpose is to help students and their families in this community succeed in school and in life. McCurdy programs include preschool, after school, summer camp, mental health counseling, Volunteers in Mission and we are the breakfast and lunch provider for the charter school. We welcome hundreds of volunteers 12 years and older to our campus each year. Some volunteers work with the charter school and McCurdy Ministries' programs and others do painting, grounds work, office work and maintenance jobs. We have 40 acres and 40 buildings and so our volunteers are essential part of maintaining our campus and sharing the good news of God's love through our programs!

Prospective VIM leaders are encouraged to go to the McCurdy webpage at and click on the VIM tab at the top of the page for a thorough description of our VIM program and resources for leaders.  Up to 45 volunteers can be housed at our at a dorm style retreat center and meals can be provided on campus.   McCurdy is located in a multi-cultural area where Hispanic, Native American and Anglo culture have interacted for hundreds of years.  Espanola located in the Rio Grande River just 28 miles north of Santa Fe and is known for its history, culture, outdoor opportunities and beautiful mountains.  Costs are as follows:  deposit of $250 for every 15 participants which can be applied to final bill, $30 per person per night, breakfast is $4.50, lunch is $6 and dinner is $7.50.  There are also facilities in the dorm for groups to do their own cooking.  A free will offering to cover costs of maintenance and to support our programs is requested.

Phone:  505-753-7221, ext. 352  |  WEBSITE

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Age Range: All Ages / Intergenerational, College, High School, Middle School
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