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U.M. ARMY Philosophy

Preparation, Safety, Teamwork, Leadership development in teens, Servant - nothing in return, free for client, we pay to offer others what they may not have without us. When we leave - quality of life has been improved. Our work is the vehicle for God’s love to be shared with people, regardless of race, religion or sex. Work camps provide meaningful opportunities for Christians to put their faith to work. Young people discover the importance of loving with actions, not just words. Participants realize the power of God’s love as they provide practical assistance to their neighbors. Through challenging experiences, young people learn what it means to be a servant. While time, resources and ability may keep participants from doing all they want for their clients, work teams leave knowing they have brought some improvement along with the message of God’s love to each site. In fact, U.M. ARMY stresses visitation with clients as perhaps the most important aspect of each team’s efforts. PHONE: 877-771-9484 | WEBSITE  

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