Conspiritor Collective



Young people reviving the church’s mission in the world through grass-roots creative practices.


The Conspiritor Collective continues in the historic creative tradition of Charles Wesley, prolific hymn-writer and movement maker. We encourage each other as new generations of artists sharing the Good News and crafting faith community revivals from sanctuaries to streets.


We help young people develop as deep disciples of Jesus Christ through the spiritual practice of artistic witness.


The Conspiritor Collective is first a gathering of artists. Secondly, it is a platform for sharing that work with the world. And third, it is a strategy for translating artistic witness into resources that enable all our other United Methodist membership vows. We pursue these goals in the following ways:



The Conspiritor Collective engages young people as creators for revived expressions of Christian faith, mission, discipleship and community in the Wesleyan tradition. The collective encourages grassroots creative practices among young people, practices that complement the existing hymnody and creative endeavors of the United Methodist Church. As “conspiritors” in this work Discipleship Ministries continues in its mandate to help young people in local churches, districts, and conferences fulfill the shared dream of making world-changing disciples. This collective resources and creates networks of consultation and support for young artists who will equip the people of the United Methodist Church as world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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* The Conspiritor Collective uses Creative Commons Licensing to promote the free sharing of resources among churches, members and artists.