Coming Together

Note to the Teacher

There is great promise in knowing that each day is a new day, that we follow and worship a God who makes new things out of old.  This promise is important during the Lenten season when we challenge people to examine their lives, repent of their sins, and seek to live the holy life outlined by Jesus. 

Times are based on a 50-minute lesson period but can be adjusted as is necessary.

20 min

1. Ice Breaker: Sales Pitch

Prior to your group meeting, gather up some everyday household items.  These can be big or small items: things like a hammer, an egg beater, a vacuum cleaner, an old cell phone, etc.

Break your group into teams of 5 or less students, let them select one of the items, and instruct them to come up with a new use for that item use (i.e. a use other than what was intended.)  For example, the hammer’s new use could be to retrieve keys locked in a car. Encourage creativity and thinking way outside the box!

After they think of a new use for their object, have the individual groups each plan a “sales presentation” to make to the entire group.  Give the groups about 10 minutes to come up with their object’s use and presentation planning, then get them to come back together and let everyone present to the large group.

 15 min

2.  Read Scripture & Discuss

  • What is something about yourself, other than the way you look, that you would like to change about yourself?
  • What is a change that you have made in your life because of your faith?
  • What do you think God would like to see changed in your life?
  • Why is change so hard?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:16 - 21 You can have one person read the passage, or you can break it up and have two or three people read it.

  • Were there any words in this passage that you don’t use very often?  What do they mean?
  • What are some of the promises that Paul makes in this scripture passage? Why are these important to hear?
  • Paul talks about reconciliation between humans and God.  What does it take to have reconciliation between two people or two groups? How does it usually happen?  
  • How did God make the first move toward reconciliation with us, and what is our part in achieving reconciliation?
  • In verse 20, Paul says that God is making an appeal to humanity through us, God’s people.  How does God do this and what does it mean for us?  What is our responsibility or call to action in this process?  When is a time in your life when you have seen God work through you to reach other people?

25 min




3. Activity

Serving as An Ambassador

Take this lesson to the next level by helping students engage their creativity in exploring how to live out these claims in their real life using “Discovering the First Step as an Ambassador for Christ” by the Youth Worker Collective (

5 min  

4. Closing

Close by having group members share areas of their life where they home to see “new creation.”  These might be struggles, issues with friends or former friends, health worries, etc.

Close in prayer.

60 min


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