Note to the Teacher

The key emphasis for the lesson this week (Luke 3:7-18) is that John the Baptist called the people to change their ways and do radically new things. The Ice Breaker invites youth to share their family Christmas traditions. The Discussion encourages students to reflect on Luke 3 and what that means for our actions today. The Activity challenges youth to make a new list of things to “Do”. Times are based on a 50-minute lesson period but can be adjusted as necessary.

Time Description of Activity
10 min

1. Ice Breaker

Ask the students to share these answers in the form of an argument. Each answer should offer 2-3 reasons why this is the only correct way and why others are wrong.

  • What do you put on top of your family Christmas tree?
  • When do you open Christmas presents?
  • What do you do on Christmas Eve?
  • What do you eat on Christmas morning?
20 min

2.  Read Scripture  & Discuss

Our Scripture reading today focuses on Luke 3:7-18 (directly follows last week’s passage from Luke 3:1-6). Remind students that last week we heard part of John the Baptist’s message to repent and prepare for God. In this week’s lesson, John tells the crowd what it might mean for them to repent and what they need to do in order to change their ways.

Read Luke 3:7-18

  • What do you think that it means to call people a brood of vipers (vs 7)?
  • A reminder from last week – what does repentance mean?
  • In verse 8, John tells the crowd to produce fruit that shows that they have repented.  In verse 10, the people ask what they should do.  What does John tell them to do in verses 11-14?



3. Discussion

  • Why did John tell the tax collectors not to collect more than they were expected to? (Note: they were known to charge extra and keep the additional amount for themselves)
  • This word from John to the tax collectors was a personal one; he knew how they lived and what they needed to change.  What might God say to the people in your school that need to change?
  • What do you think that God might want for your church to change?
  • What do you think God might want for you to change in your own life?
  • How can God help you make that change?
20 min

4. Activity and Discussion:

Take this lesson to the next level by getting students’ hands and imaginations involved using the activity What “Should We Do?” at the Youthworker Collective:

5 min  

5. Closing

Close in the manner that is typical for you. Consider taking joys/concerns from the students, then ask for a volunteer to close in prayer.

50 min

One large sheet of paper for each group
Markers for each group

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