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Note to the Teacher

Historically, Lent was used as a season of preparation and discipleship for interested Christians, and they would be baptized at the Easter vigil service. The season after Easter was focused on teaching Christian doctrine. Our “Living” and “Loving” series both come out of this historical understanding of the Easter season. They follow the gospel texts in John, where Jesus is trying to teach the disciples how to live as his followers. You can ask the same questions in your worship: “What does it mean to live as a follower of Christ? What does it mean to believe in Jesus?”

Times are based on a 50-minute lesson period but can be adjusted as is necessary.

10 min

1. Ice Breaker: Telephone

Say something like: “Today we are going to play a game that many of you may be familiar with, Telephone. We are going to sit in a circle and one of you is going to start a phrase that I give them by whispering it to the person next to them. Each person will continue to whisper exactly what they hear into the next person’s ear until we get until the end. The final person will say the phrase out loud and we will see how close it is to the original.”

After you have finished the round, ask something like: “Why do you think it was difficult to pass the correct phrase around the circle?”

Some phrase ideas:

  • a guppy in a shark tank
  • candy crunching coconut lovers
  • red roses with thorny stems
  • doorknobs and doorjambs with hasps and hinges
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and says hello to the cat.
  • The angry birds ate candy and crushed the subway surfer.
  • A pink pig and a pesky donkey flew a kite at night.
  • Rabbits rumble, giants grumble, dogs bark in the dark, and wolves woo in the blue.
 5 min

2.  Read Scripture & Discuss

Have students take turns reading John 21:1-9 aloud.

15 min

3. Discussion

Take time to discuss some or all of the questions below as a follow up to the scripture reading:

  • Why do you think the disciples didn’t recognize Jesus at first?
  • What keeps you from recognizing Jesus at work in your own life?
  • What can we do to make us more aware of Jesus’ movement in our day to day life?
  • Why do you think that Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him three times?
  • Why do you think this frustrated Peter?
  • What do you think Jesus’ instructions to Peter meant?
  • Who are the people that Jesus is calling us to feed and tend to in our current world?
  • How can we actually follow Jesus and tend and feed them?
20 min  

4. Activity and Discussion

Jesus’ Followers video:

Play the following video clip:

Discuss the video with these questions:

  • What jumped out at you as you watched this?
  • Why do you think it can be difficult to follow Jesus?
  • What makes it hard to hear His call and know where He wants you to go?
  • Have you ever had a time when you felt like Jesus was calling you to follow Him in something?
  • How did you respond or how did it work out?
  • Do you think Jesus is calling you to follow Him now? How or where?

Say something like:

“The truth is Jesus is calling each of us to follow Him in some way. Like the disciples, sometimes we are too busy or distracted to recognize Him or hear His voice. Sometimes we miss His call to follow Him or we ignore it out of fear or because we don’t trust that it is the right call for us or the right place for us to follow Him. We need to find ways to recognize His voice and embrace His call to feed and love His people in ways that are amazingly particular to each of us. And the truth is, there is no greater adventure than answering that call and following Him!”

Reflection time:

Take your reflection time to the next level with Butcher Paper Footprints from the YouthWorker Collective available at

Close in the manner that is typical for you. Consider taking joys/concerns from the students, then asking for a volunteer to close in prayer.

50 min


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