GCORR Webinar: Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural Ministry 101 Offered March 14

With the changing demographics within the United States and also in The United Methodist Church, cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) ministry is on the rise.  So what is CR/CC ministry?  According to the Book of Discipline 2016 para.425.4, “CR/CC appointments are made as a creative response to increasing racial and ethnic diversity in the church and its leadership.  CR/CC appointments are appointments of clergypersons to congregations in which the majority of their constituencies are different from the clergyperson’s own racial/ethnic and cultural background.” Cross-racial and cross-cultural ministry is when a clergyperson is appointed across racial/ethnic and cultural lines, and the pastor works together with the faith community to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ in the way they serve and engage in ministry. Thus it is not just the clergy who are engaged in the CR/CC ministry, but the laity also are in CR/CC ministry when they minister together across the racial and cultural boundaries.

As communities are becoming more and more diverse across the US, cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) ministry has been increasing steadily in the UMC. We will explore what cross-racial/cross-cultural ministry looks like in the UMC and what opportunities for ministry it provides in the church and community.  CR/CC 101 is for clergy and laity who are curious about CR/CC ministry and seeking ways to minister across lines of difference with respect to race and culture in order to welcome new members and remain relevant in a changing demographic landscape.

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