Note to the Teacher

This fourth week focuses on the restoration of Job, yet be aware that the restoration is not only material, but spiritual and emotional.  The puzzle ice breaker is meant to push the students to find what they cannot see, much like we need to have faith in what we cannot see. When we know where to look, it’s easy to see the answers.  When Job discovered where to look, he discovered so much more about God! 

The activity this week is a puzzle.  It is a hard one, but the answer key is included.  The goal of the puzzle is for students to search and search. Don’t give the word bank too soon.  You can choose to do the puzzle individually or in groups of two.  You’ll need to copy the puzzle and word bank separately.

Time Description of Activity
10 min

1. Ice Breaker

Have students choose one of the following stories to tell:

  • The largest amount of food you have ever seen
  • The longest distance you have ever walked or run
  • The hardest you have ever worked
  • The most powerful person you have ever met
20 min

2.  Read Scripture  & Discuss Job 42:1-6, 10-17

Have students share what they remember of Job’s story so far.

God has spent chapters helping Job see his magnitude and sovereignty.  This scripture is in two parts; it’s important to note that Job was restored to God and had changed his perspective with God BEFORE verse 10 and following when God restored his home and lands.

Read Job 42:1-6



3. Discussion

  • How has Job changed through his whole ordeal? (vs. 3)
  • What wonderful things does he understand now that he didn’t before? 
  • What did God restore in Job?  (his perspective of the immensity of God, the ability of God to overcome difficulties, and that whatever Job faced, God was with him)

Read Job 42:10-17

  • What happens to Job?
  • Reread vs. 11. Why might Job still need comforting?
  • Why do you think God restores Job?
20 min

4. Activity and Discussion:

Take this lesson to the next level with a new experience using the activity Bible Book Search: A Puzzling Way to Explore Job 42 from the Youthworker Collective: (

5 min  

5. Closing

Take some time to pray for those that have been affected by any recent storms, pray for healing and restoration in their communities.

50 min



  • Print the puzzle paragraph from Youthworker Collective

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