Stories from the Summit: Philip Hoto, Jr.

My Experience at the Africa Young Leaders Summit 2016

By Philip Hoto, Jr.

Firstly, I will like to thank the almighty God for the opportunity he had given me to be selected among thousands of young people in my annual conference to be one of the participate at the 5th African young leader summit held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Africa Young Leaders with the theme “African Young Leader as Agents of Peace and Change” is one of the most successful program I've attended. Since then, my life and interaction with people in my annual conference and community had never been the same.

Learning with other young leaders proved to be rewarding, educational, and motivating because of where I came from. I was selected to attend the Summit from one of the rural district in the Liberia annual conference. It wasn't easy but I thank God for the experience.

The summit helped me gain knowledge in a lot of things I needed to be a more effective leader. Today I can proudly say that I am still fluent and effective in the work of the church, community and the world.

Team work is one of the things I treasured during the Summit held in Kinshasa, DR Congo. We worked for hours, and days to make sure we get the best out of the summit. It was an unforgettable training for me as a leader, it helped me connect and share my thoughts and ideas with my peers from all over Africa. I listened to them as they presented their ministries in their various conferences. Through this exposure, we created a good working rapport with each other.

Philip Hoto Jr., a young leader from Liberia, attended the Africa Young Leaders Summit held at Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo in April 2016.