Written by:
Chris Wilterdink


YOUTH 2019 Message about General Conference 2019

A YOUTH 2019 Message About General Conference

Hey UMC Fam, if you’ve been hearing news stories out of St. Louis about the results of General Conference, you are not alone. We’ve been following along too, and we want to let you know… YOUTH 2019 is for everybody. We fully expect the awesome breadth, depth, and diversity of the United Methodist Church to be present at YOUTH 2019. We are creating an event where youth can lead the way and show that differences do not have to equal divisions. Our theme is Love Well, and our scripture of Romans 12:9-10 reminds us that authentic love means we are called to treat each other like brothers and sisters in Christ. And you know what? Siblings don’t always get along. Siblings fight, they tease each other. Yet siblings also lift each other up, have each other’s backs, and they love authentically. Siblings are family. We are family. When you are at YOUTH 2019, you will worship and learn as a beloved family member, eat with new friends, and discover how you are a part of the incredible diversity of a family of United Methodist Youth. #LoveWell19 #UMC #UMCLoveWell

More information about this past General Conference can be found here: http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/ask-the-umc-what-happened-at-general-conference