Written by:
Chris Wilterdink




Join In:

  1. Check out our “Love Well” theme scripture: Romans 12:9-10. Then, keep going and read verse 11. Congrats! You have increased your engagement with the scripture theme by 33%. *Pat self on back, continue to step 2.
  2. Create an Awesome Video Romans 12:11 notes that we shouldn’t hesitate to be enthusiastic and be “on fire in the Spirit as we serve” – So in your video, tell (or show) us how you (and your church) are “on fire in the Spirit” as you serve your community. We’re NOT looking for videos with Avengers-style production value. We ARE looking for honest, creative youth who can showcase how they see and meet a need in their community through their church.
  3. Submit That Awesome Video Get that video uploaded to Facebook and tag @youth2019 and #lovewell19 by October 28. (You can also upload to YouTube and share the link on Facebook if you prefer. Just get the video on Facebook and @ us so that we can see it!)
  4. Enjoy some imaginary internet points for the quality of your video and await the arrival of some most excellent YOUTH 2019 sunglasses for your group.
  5. Watch for big-time announcements on November 18
  6. Important dates:
    • October 28, 2018: Videos must be uploaded by 11:59pm!
    • November 18, 2018: Two videos will be chosen and announced on the official Youth 2019 Facebook Page.

All video submissions will receive YOUTH 2019 sunglasses delivered to their church for entering!

The two videos chosen on November 18 will each receive three free registrations to YOUTH 2019!!!

What happens if your video is chosen?

If your video is chosen and announced on November 18, 2018…your group receives 3 free registrations to YOUTH 2019!!!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Be “on fire in the Spirit” – don’t actually be on fire, nor actually set things on fire. Jesus (and Biblical authors) liked metaphors.
  •  How did you discover this need in your community? How did you (and other youth) in the church get excited to go meet that need?
  • Spend time on being clear in your message and story, not adding special effects or production value.
  • Show something that is actually happening. Ideas are great and all, but we want to hear about things that are actually being done, not just talked about.
  • Keep it short. Like 90 seconds or so. (I mean, we love you all. But we have other things to do besides watch videos all day. Mmmmkay?)
  • How is your group loving the community well? We are especially interested in how your church reaches and builds relationships in the community.

Questions?  Email us at youth2019@umcdiscipleship.org